Searcy's Dominion Gardens

Proposed 3rd Amendment to the Dominion Covenants

July 13, 2017

To:  Dominion Property

RE: Proposed Covenant Change

Please note the attached proposed amendment to the
covenants.  In the last couple of years,
we have had several inquiries or requests about assembling two lots to allow
for a wider house plan.  The square
footage that we looked at on a couple plans were comparable to other homes in
the Dominion, however, most of the remaining lots will not accommodate a wider
plan with side entry garages.  Due to
this restriction, we feel we may have lost some residents that otherwise would
have built in the Dominion.

Since we are now out of larger lots, and there still seems
to be a demand, we feel it is in the best interest of the Dominion to allow
such changes subject to the architectural control committee approval. Such
approval would not negatively affect maintenance costs since the owner of two
assembled lots would pay the POA fees as two lots.

We feel like this will be an enhancement to the Dominion and
contribute to its continued success.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have questions
regarding this change.  Please text your vote to Wendy at 501-207-1864 with Yes to approve or No to disapprove.  If you do disapprove please state the reason,
so we can understand and make note of it.

The deadline on receiving your vote is Tuesday July 20th.