Searcy's Dominion Gardens

New Benches for Canberra Park!

You asked for it and here they are!
The Dominion POA will be purchasing 2 benches for Canberra Park.  I will email you a couple of different styles.  Since this purchase is being paid from the Dominion POA capital account, we will need to vote.   Please send me a text, or email  of your pick - the selections are numbered so indicate by number which one you prefer.  I will be placing the order soon so we can take delivery within the next few weeks.
I know this is not a generally a forum to vote on issues, but I knew that you all were wanting the benches quickly and this definitely will be quicker than trying to get everyone together in the next few weeks for a meeting.  So, please get together, discuss which one you like, and send me your vote.  Each lot owner receives one vote.   
Thank you! 
(501) 207-1864